What is a Blue Pitbull?

A blue pitbull is a pitbull that has been interbred with another species of pitbull. The reason for this is to achieve the desired effects of having a different kind of pitbull. Originally, back in Ireland, this was a practice that was not allowed by breeders due to their policy of secrecy.

Although a blue pitbull can make a wonderful pet, it is important to realize that in some cases, breeding these dogs for too many generations can problems (such as genetic issues or higher levels of aggression, even by pitbull standards).

If you are looking for a blue pitbull, you may find that it is very challenging to find one. The reason for this is because they are rare and in high demand. The general rule of thumb in trying to find a blue pitbull is to put your name on a waiting list, which may eventually allow you to have your pick of the litter.

Since these are a type of dog that are rare and in demand, it should come as no surprise that they come with a premium price tag. Although the price will vary from one breeder to the next, you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across blue pitbulls that cost several thousand dollars. Considering regular pitbulls can cost over a thousand dollars, the more rare blue pitbull is going to command a premium price.

Because they are an expensive pet to acquire, make sure you have fully researched and thought about your decision before making it final.