The American blue pit bulls

The American blue pit bull terrier is one dog that has a bad reputation after so many mauling of little children. The governments are trying to ban dangerous dog breeds like the blue pit bull terriers so that these types of incidents stop happening to people even though it is not the dogs fault but the owners fault. The dogs should not be blamed for doing what they were designed to do which is to fight other animals for hunting and sport. Unfortunately the owners of the dogs do not train them to be social animals and therefore the dogs instincts take over a lead them into trouble.

Oddly enough the American blue pit bulls are very good parents and if you introduce them to small children they will look after them with dedication and respect. Normally it is strangers that get attacked by these dogs because they are afraid of the dog which means the fear gives of a scent which changes the dogs’ personality and makes it into a killing machine. The lock jaw of the terrier and pit bull species is one of the more dangerous traits of the animal which means when the dog gets excited its jaws will lock closed and there is no way of releasing the prey or person until it has released their jaw.

If you are thinking about owning an American pit bull then you should know all of the facts on how to handle the animal as well as look after it and train this specific breed of dog. All animals that are domestic require some form of training to distinguish it from a wild animal which is often the difference between the dogs being calm in social situations and becoming aggressive. The dogs’ temperament can often be linked to the type of owner that has raised the pup.