Important Details On Pitbulls

Pitbulls can have black, blue and red noses and they are all members of the same breed. Nonetheless, they have individual personalities, but also common traits. Pitbulls are muscular and stocky dogs. Usually, they average between 55 and 70 pounds, have short ears and can stand straight or fold over.


These dogs have a violent past because they were trained to participate in dog fight. But if they’re raised properly, pitbulls are affectionate and great dogs, devoted to their owner.


What does it mean to raise a pitbull properly? Read the following instructions and you’ll find out:

  • when you adopt a puppy blue pitbull, take it to the vet within 24 up to 72 hours  as these dogs are susceptible to demodex and parvo;
  • neuter or spray the puppy as long as the vet allows you to; it will protect the puppy from the health disorders;
  • positive exposure to various situations, people, animals and places is great for your puppy as he will become more protective of the family;
  • train your pitbull and enroll it in puppy kindergarten classes;
  • exercising every day is very important as pitbulls are active dogs and they like to play a lot;


Starting weight pulling or other sports should be started only when the vet allows you. Your dog should be too fragile and it can have problems if you’ll start this sooner. Keep in mind that your dog should play with gentle dogs. Additionally, if you’ll apply all the above ideas, be sure that your puppy will grow healthy and will be smart.

Blue Pitbull Diet

Healthy blue pitbulls should have a muscular body. It means that their diet has to be suitable for them and healthy. Blue pitbulls diet has to be a balance of protein, plant-based nutrients and fat in order to maintain a normal weight and to strengthen the immune system.

Types of Diet

Additionally, a healthy diet will prevent many issues from happening, including joint disorders. There are several types of food, so discuss with the vet which of them is the best for your dog:

1. The most common type of food is dry dog food. Its price is affordable and this food is available in many places.


2. Semi-moist food is another type, but it’s not so healthy because it contains additional sugars.

3. Canned food is the most expensive dog food, but it’s also the healthiest and one of the most appealing to blue pitbulls.

4. Many blue pitbulls owners feed them with a mixture of all these types of food, but also with healthy table scraps, biscuits and treats.


5. Raw food is another healthy option for blue pitbulls. Such a diet includes raw eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, uncooked bones and meat, but also cooked cereals and various supplements. Blue pitbulls that are on this diet, should not eat the same things every day. Their owners should try various types and quantities of raw food to see which of them works best for them. Nonetheless, many vets don’t approve this diet because the food can contain bacteria.


6. Free feeding is also a good idea. It means putting food in a bowl so that the dog can eat whenever it needs. The best thing is to set a schedule when to put food out to feed the dogs.

As a general rule, a blue pitbull should be fed two or five times a day in smaller amounts of food. This method controls its weight. Additionally, these dogs shouldn’t eat for 30 minutes after a walk.


The body of a healthy blue pitbull should look as an hourglass seen from the side or the top. The ideal weight of a blue pitbull is between 35-60 pounds and its ribs should be easy to feel through its first layer of muscles. A healthy blue pitbull should look lean and don’t forget to go the vet to ensure that your dog is healthy or to discuss necessary changes to its diet.

Instructions To Find Various Breeds and Colours of Blue Pitbulls

Blue pit bulls are great dogs. If you also want to have one, you should know a few things about them. There are details that will help you get a healthy and great dog. One of the first things you have to know is that blue pitbulls are a specific type of the American Pit Bull Terrier.


Additionally, there are various lines and types that make up the pit bull breed. Nonetheless, blue nose is an element that confuses many people that believe it’s a different breed. There are breeders who emphasize the idea that these dogs are very rare, when actually they are pretty common.
Thus, colours are very important. To find various breeds of blue pitbulls and their colors, follow these instructions:

1. Access a pit bull website to find details about pit bull breed colours and types. Keep in mind that blue nose pit bulls can have any colours. However, usually they are silver, black or dark blue.

2. Access the American Kennel Club’s website and you’ll find similar information.


3. Another great idea is to visit your local library and bookstore. You’ll find many books written for pit bulls owners and lovers. These books provide essential information on many things, including colours and breed tips.

4. Pay a visit to the breeder’s kennel before purchasing a blue nose pit bull. There are puppy mill dogs that are more susceptible to diseases and other problems because of inbreeding.


5. Make sure that you find reputable breeders if you want to buy a healthy and nice blue nose pitbull. There are many online adds, as well, so look for them.

6. Contact a local SPCA, the Humane Society or a pit bull rescue group. As blue pitbulls have a negative reputation, there are many of them across the nation, so you can adopt one.


No matter how much you would like to be the owner of a blue pitbull, don’t adopt one if you don’t have enough time and patience. You would only torture the dog, which may also become aggressive, but it will be your fault. If a blue pitbull is raised properly, it will be a wonderful, loyal and lovely companion. These animals are called nanny dogs as they have a wonderful connection with children. Therefore, these dogs need your affection and time. Training is also important, but as these creatures are very smart, they will learn to do a lot of things very fast and easy. You’ll adore your dog and the connection between you two will be amazing.