Just Because He’s a Bully Doesn’t Mean He Isn’t a Gentleman

Dogs are man’s best friend. Regardless the breed, they are loving and caring animals. Blue pitbulls and blue nose pitbulls have become so popular recently that breeders and fanciers have coined the term blue lust to describe the public’s demand for dogs of this color. That, by itself, should give you a hint about the dynamics behind the popularity of this dog.

Source When it comes to rare dog breeds such as these, proper training is always a must. Interbreeding of pitbulls is the main reason for developing a blue nose. Determining the origins of this breed is hard, but speculations refer to the various genetic conditions. Due to this specific gene pool, the blue nose Pitbull is prone to showing behavioural concerns that may be influenced by this condition. This dog breed is innately energetic and disruptive but it doesn’t mean that they are hard to train. As with most dogs, it is important for the owners to understand that the environment is the main reason for the dog’s behaviour.

Training is highly recommended for this breed since they have the tendency to become stubborn. For instance, the dog should react to your commands even if he is in the middle of a fight with other dogs. Keep this in mind, since blue pitbulls can sometimes overpower their owners. Life experiences will shape the behaviour and the reactions of the dog to certain situations. Here are a couple of things you should know about Pitbull temperament.


1. Strong nerves. A Pitbull that shrinks when confronted with loud noises or unexpected situations is showing weak nerves. Dogs with proper temperament and training will show strong nerves in unfamiliar situations and reactions to strange sounds. While at first they are fearful, they will eventually turn to investigate the origin of the noise.

2. Friendly and outgoing. Even in the presence of strangers, a blue Pitbull must show an out-going nature and be willing to engage in fun activities. In short, they love all people. If a dog is scared of human presence, then it was clearly not raised properly or abused as a puppy.

3. Submissive, but not overly so. A blue Pitbull who was properly trained should be willing to submit to you and not be over bearing or overly shy or nervous.

4. Highly intelligent. Just like any other dog, Blue Pitbulls are very intelligent animals. Because a proper Pitbull will learn new obedience behaviours, tricks and even bad behaviours quickly without much effort.

Pitbull puppies are very adorable and lovable, and are in high demand for adoption. Blue pitbulls are best adopted in the puppy stage, so that it grows up with its owner. This only makes them more loyal and loving.