Inbreeding Blue Pitbulls

Blue pitbulls have their strange blue tint due to century’s of inbreeding in their native Ireland, the Irish were always very secretive about their dog breeding which is why the dogs were so inter breed with the irish stock.

Although today blue pitbulls are breed with other pitbulls health issues associated with inbreed are still a big problem with the breed.

The blue coat colouring is basically a skin problem caused by the inbreeding which also makes the dogs susceptible to viral, fungal and bacterial infections.

When choosing a blue pitbull look at buying a purebred pitbull with a pedigree traceable back atleast five generation and only ever buy from a reputable breeder, has the dog got a good stable temperament, many underhanded breeders will beat pitbulls to make them more aggressive as this is viewed as an acceptable feature of pitbulls. Also look at having a certificated exam taken of the dog to check that the pitbull is free of genetic diseases.

Blue pitbulls are not always blue, they are actually black but to the human eye appear blue, many can appear silver, blue pitbulls are very expensive to buy and require a great deal of cost to maintain due to the higher vets bills associated with genetic illnesses.

So remember when choosing your ideal blue pitbull take your time, choose a good breader and put your name down on the waiting list, although it may take longer buying from a reputable dealer it will be well worth it in the long run.