Elements That Prove You Have A Blue Pitbull Indeed

Blue pitbulls are very popular dogs, but even so, many pit bull owners don’t know the main characteristics of them, so they don’t know if they have a BLUE pitbull or not.

These dogs come in several color variations, including the amazing and loyal blue pitbull. This dog has a diluted black color that appears blue only to the human eye.




Nonetheless, many breeders call such animals rare and they charge huge prices for them, but you have to know that the only thing that makes blue pit bulls different from pit bulls in general is their color, so aside from this element, they are the same.


If you are very curious and you want to know if your pitbull is a blue pit bull indeed, there are some characteristics that you have to look for to find out the truth:

  • Look carefully at your pit bull’s nose. A blue pit bull has a charcoal, blue-gray nose or even a combination of these colors and few small bits of pink
  • Examine the color of your dog’s fur. If it’s a blue pit bull, its fur has to be blue-gray, charcoal gray and it can also have white patches




  • Look carefully at your dog’s eyes. If its eyes are blue, gray or light amber in combination with the blue fur and nose, it means that you are the owner of a blue pitbull; nevertheless, some blue pitbulls may have darker eyes, but generally, lighter colors are more common

Follow these instructions and you will know for sure if you are the owner of a blue pit bull. Many people don’t do that and some of them find out later that actually, their pit bull is not a blue pit bull, which is very disappointing for them.




Nevertheless, blue pit bulls are wonderful, smart, playful and loyal dogs that protect their owners if they are raised properly, despite many horrifying stories told about them.