Myths On Blue Pitbulls

Blue pitbulls are beautiful pets that seem to be preferred by numerous people nowadays. However, there are still many myths associated to these dogs. One of the most frequent such myths is that blue pitbulls are rare. Even though finding such an animal may seem quite hard, you should know that blue pitbulls are not that difficult to purchase. In fact, in the past few years the popularity of these dogs has made their numbers grow. So, while more people showed an interest in purchasing blue pitbulls, more individuals breed their pets to make some extra money.

So, the first and most common myth on blue pitbulls is that they are rare. Well, the reality is that blue pitbulls are not as rare as one may imagine. Still, blue pitbulls are great dogs that anyone could own. However, you should know that there are many other myths associated with this breed, as after all even though they are blue, they are still pitbulls. Below you can read more myths associated to pitbulls in general.


1. Pitbulls have locking jaws, meaning that once they bite they can’t let go, even if they want to.

Naturally, this is just a myth. Pitbulls are not much different from other dogs when it comes to this aspect. In fact, there is no dog known to possess such an ability. Locking jaws do not exist, no matter what people may think of pitbulls.

2. Pitbulls have a unique bite style. This makes them the most feared breed of dogs that are known to exist.

This is another myth associated to pitbulls in general. Biting, holding and shaking is not something unique to pitbulls. All dogs will have the same tendency. A dog can be taught to bite hard. Still, most such animals, regardless of their species enjoy grabbing, pulling and shaking when biting even toys for play. This can easily be described as a natural behavior for dogs, who just enjoy it.

3. Pitbulls are more likely to kill people than any other breed of dogs.

Another common myth regarding this breed of dogs is that they are genetically driven to kill people. Naturally, this is also a simple myth, with no sense of reality. Dog behavior can be influenced by both genetics and education or environment. This means that your pet will be as you teach it to be. There is no dog breed that has in its nature attacking people, so you should not worry that your pitbull or blue pitbull will develop such a behavior, too. Dogs raised as family pets will be kind and cute.

4. Pitbulls are extremely aggressive.

Pitbulls, or blue pitbulls, do not tend to be more aggressive than other types of dogs. As already mentioned, their behavior is much influenced by their education. This means that families can raise pitbulls to be extremely loving and caring pets. Even though pitbulls can tend to be aggressive towards other animals, you should know that this is a common behavior for most dog species.

5. Pitbulls cannot be trained or controlled.

Pitbulls are not that much different from other breeds of dogs. They are trainable, controllable and intelligent animals, just like all other dogs. Pitbulls can be taught to be friendly and obedient. They are not unpredictable and you should not worry that they can attack at any time, even their owners.


There are many other myths associated to pitbulls in general, consequently to blue pitbulls, too. The fact that they do not fell pain, that they are only good for fighting or that they go crazy as their brains swell are just some of the most common such myths. Well, the only thing you should know is that blue pitbulls are very beautiful and charming pets to keep in your home. You should not worry at all about their behavior, at least if you educate your pet to be a loving, caring family dog.

Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs


If you want to adopt a rescue dog, you will observe that most of the dogs which were abandoned are very aggressive and do not listen to anyone. This is why, if you want to save a dog’s life, you need to get involved. This means you will have to pay an expert to train him in the best possible manner and you will need to give a hand at home, to make sure the dog gains more and more trust in you and in those around him.

To ensure this will happen, you need to follow the next rules:

  • talk on a gentle tone to the dog, this way, he will see you mean no harm;
  • offer the dog treats every time he listens to you;
  • talk to him and pet him all the time;
  • be firm when having interaction with him and don’t allow him to bite you;
  • don’t interrupt a bad action he does by yelling at him to stop, but by calling him on his name, this way he will perceive it as something positive.

However, if you want to take home a dog which was traumatized before arriving to a shelter, you will need to pay for special training. To learn more about how this is made and to understand why this is in the best interest of your dog and yourself, watch the following video.

As you can see, working with an aggressive dog is hard, but in time and with a lot of patience, he can overcome all his issues and learn to trust you and to live with you without fear. And you will see that it’s a really important and special thing to save a dog.

Blue Pitbulls Are Funny


There is an urban legend that says that blue pitbulls are dangerous animals that should be kept away from families and kids. Like in every rumor, there is some truth behind it, because some people use these dogs to make money. They train them to fight and they organize illegal competitions in which the dogs practically kill each other under the eyes of their owners and of other curious people which pay to see such fights. However, this doesn’t mean all blue pitbulls are like these. Some are really sweet and friendly, as you will see in the next videos posted by a few blue pitbull owners that love their animals and want to prove that their dogs are just like any regular pets.

Remy, for example, has her own YouTube channel where the owner posts updates about the cute dog and videos with her, like this one bellow in which she is watching a grasshopper, but she does not hurt the tiny animal.

Or this one in which Remy watches TV with a lot of attention.

This blue pitbull tries to talk to its owner. Maybe to offer it more attention? Check the funny noises the cute dog makes.

Mary is a cute blue pitbull who loves to dress up and to dance on retro music. To take things to a whole new level, Mary even hides under a cute disguise. You will see in the video that she is very good and sensitive.

Blue pitbulls are very sweet and funny. If you already have one, you can buy accessories for the dog, in order to keep it entertained. If you don’t have such a dog, but you dream of buying one, you can start reading a funny book in which you will learn the basic things you need to know about these dogs.