Blue Pitbulls

Hundreds of years ago, the people of Ireland were very secretive about the pedigree of their pet dogs. They hated mixed breeding, which is why blue pitbulls are a consequence of excessive inter-breeding of their pitbulls.

Why are they blue in color? Actually, they are black in color, but their skin appears to be blue to the human eye. One can put the blame on inter-breeding over the years, which also causes problems with the DNA structuring and leads to many other health issues. Though they are lovable pet dogs, it is also a fact that they are aggressive in nature. They need special treatment to make them adjust to their environment.

The demand for blue pitbulls has been on the rise over the last couple of years. However, they are not readily available in the market. There are only a handful of people left who inter-breed pit bulls, and they can give you list of their pedigree for you to choose. A valid reason for their lessened availability is their slow reproductive process. You literally have to register yourself for a blue pitbull, and the waiting period extends for months.

More importantly, the pitbulls do not come cheap. They are expensive, sometimes costing over two thousand dollars. In other words, they are an expensive pedigree of dog. The price skyrockets depending on the purity of the breed. Be sure to do thorough research before getting a blue pitbull. They require great care and one cannot avoid that. The Internet is a great way to gather information on blue pitbulls.