Behaviour and Cognition

Blue Pit Bulls Behavior
blue-pitbulls-4Before you have decided to buy a puppy Pit Bull there are some facts you must know about them also. Being a representative of the Molossers family, Pit Bulls as well as other species like Rottweilers, Cordoba Fighting Dogs and Newfoundlands have some common habits like being aggressive and have a very developed guarding instinct. Because Blue Pit Bulls appeared as a result of interbreeding, this can also add some aggressiveness to their behavior. Do not worry not all Pit Bulls act the same, but there are several facts that can influence a dog transforming from a non-violent and sociable dog into a ferocious animal. This aggression is transmitted genetically because for centuries Pit Bulls were forced to demonstrate they power and killer instincts (hunting, dragging bulls, cage fighting etc.). Still most of these of dogs have shown a lot of intelligence and boldness. Pit Bulls can show a lot of affection and care to their owner if treated right. Being ignorant towards your Pit Bull dog can cause serious deregulation in his behavior, transforming it in a very dangerous pet. Care and continuous exercises, love and affection, these are the major things that must be considered when raising a Blue Pit Bull. Still there is something specific for this breed of dogs. Though your Pit Bull was acting friendly and was companionable with other dogs at early age, after two years of age, when Pit Bulls are considered already mature, unexpected aggression towards other dogs can appear. Intolerance with other dogs, especially of the same sex can cause tension between dogs, that is why it is very important to be realistic and always be ready to separate the dogs in case of aggressive behavior. In most of the cases dogs of the opposite sex do not provoke aggressive behavior to Pit Bulls, and if you will provide enough care and socialization for your dog it can turn to be a non-aggressive type even if attacked or provoked. When introducing your Pit Bull to another dog, do not hurry and make it by steps. Do it on a neutral zone, give them both the same toys in order to avoid tension between dogs.
In conclusion we can say that if you are looking for a strong and devoted dog, than Pit Bull is a nice breed to consider. But remember having an American Pit Bull Terrier or a Blue Pit Bull it’s a great responsibility.