Accessories for Your Four-Legged Baby

If you are the proud owner of a tiny blue Pitbull, you should know that your precious “baby” needs a lot of time and attention. They need you to care for them, love them, spend time with them, teach them all kinds of tricks, to sum it up they just want you to be their friend. You wouldn’t leave a baby isolated, and you should no isolate your puppy either. Four legged babies need to be with the family inside and outside the house. Training helps puppies learn how to behave in both environments.


Here is what you would need for your precious four-legged baby, in order to keep him happy (like the little fellow in the picture below):


  • Food dish – weighted and non slip;
  • Water dish – weighted and non slip;
  • Leash – consider the size of your dog. For safety, leashes should be well made and strong enough for your dog;
  • Collar – a regular collar is important and should provide a place for your dog’s ID information;
  • Wire crate – with a sheepskin bottom or rug for crate training and limited, proper confinement. The crate should be large enough for your growing puppy.
  • Sleeping area with bedding – should be the safest and most comfy place;
  • Toys – are very important. There are various types of toys: educational, challenging ones that hide special treats and secrets, safe chews and toys that cannot be pulled apart easily.

Tips and Tricks

– Make sure that you select a qualified veterinarian before you bring your puppy home. Get some recommendations from dog owners in the neighbourhood;

-Administer shots every three weeks until the puppy is four to six months of age;

-Puppies need adequate nutrition for their rapidly growing bodies. Blue Pits are not that pretentious when it comes to food, but in the first 5 to 6 months, try and give the little guy a balanced meal;

Proper training is a must. Little problems grow up to be big bad habits if they are not nipped in the bud. Naturally, you would want to get a qualified dog trainer;

Grooming is also very important. All dogs, even the ones with short hair need brushing and a bathing routine.


If you are worried about the myths surrounding these beautiful dogs, in terms and violent behaviour towards humans and other dogs, don’t worry. It’s just a matter of how you raise him. In the video below, meet Junior, the blue Pitbull who has been under the care and guidance of the famous dog whisperer, Cesar Millan.