Blue Pitbull Pictures

Nowadays, blue pitbulls are really popular among pet lovers. These are incredible dogs you will surely love to have in your home. Like all pitbulls, they are stocky and muscular, but they are extremely cute as well. Here, you will find many blue pitbull pictures to have a clearer idea on how this breed really looks like.

Blue pitbull pictures, small puppies
Small blue pitbull puppies

Blue pitbull pictures gallery

Pitbulls have constantly been associated with violence, including attacks on humans, as well as aggressive behavior and dog fighting. These dogs are thought to be aggressive, unpredictable and actually really dangerous. Still, the most important thing you should know is that blue pitbulls can become the pets you educate them to be.

Blue Pitbull Pictures, puppy
Blue pitbull puppy

There are numerous cases in which blue pitbulls have turned out being affectionate, loving pets, as well as perfect companions. All the dogs you can see in these blue pitbull pictures can make perfect pets.

Blue pitbull pictures, puppy
Adorable blue pitbull puppy

Blue pitbulls have also proved to be quite patient with children. So, despite what you may imagine at first, you should know that these pitbulls can be perfect for your children There is no wonder after all that the breed has become well known as nursemaids dogs.

Blue Pitbull Pictures, blue pitbull at 1
Blue pitbull at the age of one

Blue pitbulls, like all pitbulls, are extremely intelligent. They are just eager to please their owners. Still, if you plan on taking a pet into your home, you should know that blue pitbulls love attention.

Blue Pitbull Pictures, blue pitbull, one year old
Blue pitbull, one year old

These dogs are extremely obedient, at least if you know how to train them. They are perfect pets for active owners, as they have a lot of energy and they just want to run and play. Blue pitbulls need daily walks and exercises, too.

Blue Pitbull Pictures, blue pitbull at 2
Cute blue pitbull, at the age of 2

In case you are thinking about taking a blue pitbull into your home, there is no reason why you should fear such a decision. As you could see in these blue pitbull pictures, they are extremely cute dogs that your kids will surely love.

Famous Pitbulls

In the early 20th century, pitbulls were extremely beloved. They were American mascots and largely associated with children, which means that they were far from being considered aggressive. If current news reports are to be believed, pitbulls have been attacking and biting humans left and right. Surprisingly, these dogs used to be America’s darlings. The numerous renowned pitbulls that have made history stand to prove that. Here are some of the most famous and heroic pitbulls throughout history.



In 1903, Horatio Jackson and his assistant Sewall Crocker became the first people to cross the United States in a car, a Winston Vermont automobile to be precise. Accompanying them was Jackson’s pitbull, Bud, who obviously because the first dog to cross the US. The specially-made driving goggles that Bud wore during the trip reside in Smithsonian today.



Named after William the Conqueror by his master, General George S. Patton, Willie is another famous pitbull. His owner was an avid pitbull lover who took his companion everywhere Willie even had his own set of dog tags. The famously gruff commander was so enamored of the dog, he even thew him a birthday party! Willie is memorialized standing next to his master in a bronze statue at the General Patton Memorial Museum outside of Indio, California.



Even though he was not a real dog, Tige was one of the most famous fictional pitbulls at the turn of the century. As featured in Richard Felton Outcault’s comic strip and later in renowned advertisements for the Brown Shoe company, Tige “lived” in a time when pitbulls were regarded as caretaker “nanny” dogs rather than rough guard dogs. Tige is also notable for being the first talking pet in comic strips.

Sergeant Stubby


Stubby was the most decorated dog of World War I. He was adopted by Private J. Robert Conroy and became the mascot of the 102nd Infantry, Yankee Division. The pitbull learned a lot about military life, including bugle calls and how to execute a salute with his paw. Stubby was smuggled to France when his owner shipped out and allowed to stay when the commanding officer saw him salute.



Pete the Pup, the son of Pal the Wonder Dog, took over the role of Petey, the canine mascot of the Our Gang/Little Rascals shorts after his father was poisoned in 1930. He appeared in many of the best-remembered shorts, but he was replaced with a series of younger dogs starting 1932. The famous trademark ring around his eye was makeup to match his dad’s natural marking.

These are some of the most famous pitbulls in history. All owners talked about them affectionately and kept them by their side at all times. Another example of a famous pitbull owner is Helen Keller, an inspirational writer and speaker who was blind and deaf since the age of 19 months. She became one of the most admired figures in the 20th century and was an avid animal lover, having many canine companions throughout her long life – including her beloved pitbull, Sir Thomas. Clearly, pitbulls were so beloved in the past!